Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs)

Incorporating Authentic Research in Science and Mathematics Courses

The purpose of the CUREs Project in STEM-US is to increase the use of CUREs in STEM courses by: a. Offer context and resources for developing CUREs b. Foster faculty and institutional growth c. Facilitate concrete plan for development and implementation d. Discuss barriers and catalysts to implementation e. Provide a meaningful entry for HBCU faculty and staff to engage in undergraduate educational research

HBCU faculty are invited to participate in a one-day intensive workshop at the STEM-US Center annual conference in which Beck and Blumer, will assist faculty in developing CUREs of their own design that the faculty will implement at their institutions. CUREs are high impact pedagogical practices that have been documented to improve student outcomes and retention. The format of these workshops follows a model successfully used in a past Research Collaboration Network-Undergraduate Biology Education project (NSF DBI-1346549) in which both Blumer and Beck were facilitators. After implementing a CURE at their own institution, faculty participants will use a PVEST-based STEM-US survey instrument to assess their students’ current challenges as well as past/present educational experiences. Younge will provide guidance on survey methods and follow-up support to assist faculty in publishing their work to address questions on how and why CUREs work at HBCUs.

  • Lawrence S. Blumer, Ph.D. - PI (Morehouse College)
  • Sinead N. Younge, Ph.D. (Morehouse College)
  • Christopher W. Beck, Ph.D. - (Emory University) 

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